An ELKALUB brush can is used to apply lubricant to the rubber seal of an open connecting piece of a large pipe. Pipes and valves are shown in the background.

Special ­Lubricants for the Industry

With over 190 special greases, oils and sprays, ELKALUB offers efficient solutions for all tribological industrial applications. Our technical sales team will be happy to assist you with individual solutions. Machine: running! Since 1956.
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Our Products

Our high-performance lubricants ensure that your machines run smoothly and with low maintenance downtimes - even in the graphical, food and pharmaceutical industries.

With our many years of experience, we develop customer-specific problem solutions for your individual tribological tasks. In our comprehensive product range, you will find the right greases, lubricating oils and sprays for highly complex applications in a wide range of industries.

With our specialty lubricants from Germany, we are the original equipment manufacturer for renowned manufacturers of printing machines and robots, power tools and actuators all over the world. We offer NSF H1-registered lubricants for the food and pharmaceutical sectors. Our greases, oils and sprays are also available as private labels.

Application examples

Our solutions for your practice.

An industrial robot with hoses and a pneumatic device in food production. It reaches onto a conveyor belt and positions the chocolate bar. The H1 logo is shown at the top right.

New H1 lubricants for robot technology

Robots would choose ELKALUB!

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A fermentation tank in a brewery

H1 lubricants for brewery technology

H1 and beer­foam­compatible: Optimum high-performance lubricants for bottling plants

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Detailed view of a food packaging line. Raw tortelloni are fed from a conveyor belt into a portioning machine. The H1 logo is shown at the top right.

Safety for the food processing industry

NSF H1-registered, kosher and halal certified

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View of a running roll-fed printing press. The freshly printed paper is transported over several rolls. The H1 logo is shown at the top right.

H1 for graphic industry

ELKALUB is an original equipment manufacturer for leading printing press manufacturers.

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Close-up of a hand drill lying on a table. In the center of the motif is the drill head with the screwdriver attachment clamped in place. The drill is surrounded by screws and two other screwdriver attachments.

Lubricants for electric tools

Well lubricated for a lifetime.

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Various components from car manufacturing. For example, a brake disk, hoses, suspension and many other components are shown. Most of these are standing upright on the floor.

Lubricants for automotive

Automotive professionals: ELKALUB special greases for assembly and small gearboxes

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Bread blanks lie in a row on the conveyor belt of a production oven in the bakery.

Special ­lubricants for baking ­technology

Safe in all temperature ranges

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View into a meat processing factory for the production of sausages and meat products. In front is an industrial cutter for grinding meat.

Special ­lubricants for meat ­processing

H1-registered and reliable

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An employee lubricates a plastic processing machine.

High-performance lubricants for plastics technology

Perfectly lubricated in all temperature ranges

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Gear wheels in a gearbox

Lubricants for gearboxes

Perfectly lubricated - little maintenance required

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Detailed view of two rolling bearings of different sizes

Lubricants for roller and plain bearings

Special lubricants for special loads

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Detailed view of a chain for machines in industrial plants

Chain lubrication

Minimal friction, minimal wear

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