Two employees in food production are standing at the delivery of a pasta machine. Fresh pasta falls out of a hopper onto the conveyor belt and is checked by them. They look friendly. One of them is holding a tablet computer.

Food Industry

No compromises must be made with regard to the safety of the lubricants - you can use high-performance lubricants from ELKALUB without hesitation.

Applications in the food industry

Very special requirements apply to lubricants used in the food industry. No compromises can be made with regard to the safety of lubricants. It goes without saying that manufacturers of systems for the food industry and their operators also do not want to accept any compromises in the performance of lubricants.

A range of ELKALUB lubricating greases and lubricating oils, especially for use in the food industry, meet both requirements. Depending on the area of application, we offer lubricants with USDA/NSF approval H1/H2.

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Product brochure: Lubricants for the food industry and pharmaceutics

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