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High-performance lubricants for all temperature ranges

Perfectly lubricated in all temperature ranges.

Reliably lubricating complex processes at high temperatures and cycle rates without flowing away - lubricants in injection molding machines must meet this requirement in order to enable short lubrication intervals, smooth processes and a long tool life. We are now presenting a new development created specifically for this application: ELKALUB GLS 563 is a high-performance grease based on PFPE and was developed for the lubrication of injection molds. It lasts longer even at high temperatures and lubricates better than a competitor's special grease, which was used as a reference in comparative tests.

Task: Tools with special requirements

Injection molding production processes sometimes place high demands on lubricants. This is because the special geometry of some workpieces can make ejection from the mold a complex process that requires several demolding directions or partial processes. In the technically demanding molds, a wide variety of moving components such as guide elements, slides, rotating cores, ejector pins and pins must operate with as little wear as possible despite high temperatures. In order to enable the highest possible cycle rates and to protect the expensive molds, lubricants specially adapted to these requirements are essential - conventional lubricating greases would fail in the long term in the higher temperature ranges.




ELKALUB GLS 563 - PFPE special grease for ejectors and slides (effective up to 250 °C)

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ELKALUB FLC 400 – PFPE High-temperature oil spray (up to 250 °C)

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ELKALUB FLC 4010 – High-tem­pe­ra­ture oil spray (up to 180 °C)

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ELKALUB GLS 966/N2 – Universal high-temperature grease (up to 160 °C)

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