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Completely new areas of application possible for robots - ELKALUB develops H1 lubricants for robot gearboxes

New areas of application. H1 lubricants for robot gearboxes

LFC 92100 and LFC 921000 are two new high-performance oils for the lubrication of robot gearboxes. The special feature: They have H1 approval!

Until now, robots have mainly been used with conventional lubricants. This meant that they could not be used in the pharmaceutical and food processing industries. The two new developments open up completely new application possibilities in automation for machine and plant manufacturers.

ELKALUB introduces two new lubricating oils with H1 approval for robot gears. This makes us one of the first manufacturers to offer lubricants that can be used for robots in the pharmaceutical and food processing industries. The new oils LFC 92100 and LFC 921000 are used for the lubrication of shaft gears and worm gears respectively. Both oils have already been in use for more than a year without any problems in robots from an internationally renowned manufacturer and have convincingly proven their suitability in practice.

In the pharmaceutical and food processing industries, manual labor is still required in many cases. The potential for automation, especially flexible automation with robots, is therefore high. In these industries, certification of manufacturing processes in accordance with HACCP is mandatory. This almost always requires the use of H1 lubricants. With the new LFC 92100 and LFC 921000 oils, a significantly greater degree of automation is now possible. We expect that the demand for H1-approved oils will increase due to the new application possibilities in the pharmaceutical and food processing industries. It is therefore also planned to expand the product range to include further viscosity classes.

The requirements for lubricants for robot gears are demanding: high speeds, accelerations and forces are present with the tightest tolerances. At the same time, the robots have to work with high precision. Until now, only conventional lubricants have been able to meet these requirements. By combining high-quality synthetic oils with balanced additives, we can now offer oils that come close to the performance of conventional lubricants.

Press release: Entirely new fields of application for robots – ELKALUB develops H1-lubricants for robot gears

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