A brewery hall with large fermentation tanks. In the foreground is a detailed section of a fermentation tank with valves, flaps and a thermometer. Behind it are further tanks.
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Brewery Technique

Common use of H1 lubricants in breweries

H1- Lubricants in breweries

Many former breweries have been transformed into fully automated beer factories. Automated production lines enable production and bottling at low cost.

This makes the demands on the lubricant all the greater: any delay, or worse still, downtime costs money immediately. In such industrial breweries, there is one filling line after another and the number of lubrication points in these production halls dominated by stainless steel is uncountable.

For companies, automated lubricant application with lubrication technology from ELKALUB ensures smooth operation. The continuous availability of H1 lubricants is important for planners, plant managers and maintenance staff; for all applications in the process chain, including peripheral systems such as compressors or electric motors, as well as automation components such as robots, linear guides and electric cylinders.





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